Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lament For My Lost OM Flyer

The above photo is of Andy Gregg's 1984 SE Racing OM Flyer. Its a 26 inch BMX crusier for those that don't know what it is. Once upon a time in a far off land I had one. It was black, I think it was an 85 or an 86. It had Bullseye hubs and cranks, and a chrome Landing Gear fork. I bought and sold it in college when I lived in Marquette. Bought it from a guy named Jason Lashay and sold it to a guy named Matt Armstrong. Jason needed money, and I had some. I needed money and Matt had some. I owned for about a year, and it was a really cool bike, very fun to ride especially at the North State BMX track.
The bike was the coolest piece of vintage cycling shit I'll ever own. I broke my collar bone and separated my shoulder early on in the summer and was pretty bummed out. Ended up parting it out a bit, but sold all of the vinatge stuff to Matty. A couple of months later he comes up to me at a bar and says he needs to buy me a beer. I'm like what for, and he tells me that he sold the bike to a guy in Japan on e-bay for a grand. And I was like whats e-bay? (this was like 2000) I'm still a little mad at him, but what can you do?

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