Saturday, February 02, 2008

Brew City Stumbler

Rolled down to Milwaukee last night for some fun times in the big city. First we checked out the Body World exhibit that we'd heard many good things about at the Milwaukee Public Museum. Thanks to the wonder polymer Plastinate, you can now see the amazing beauty of the human body with no skin in the way!
After working up a big appetite checking out dead bodies, we had a little chow at the Ale House, and then headed over the the Wisconsin Bike Fed's "Love Your Bike" Party.
Lots of folks, and some decent beers there. Got a sneak peek at Cog Magazine #2, and its looking pretty good. Talked some racing, talked some cold weather commuting, then talked about the pista explosion and how ZR is big in Hong Kong. Then we followed Jason Sanchez back to his place for some deep talks, mexican wrestling masks, sweet trophy plans, and saw some really rad old magazines! True classics.
On the drive there, I saw that the Miller Brewerey and the Harley Davidson factory are LITERALLY across the street from each other...nuts.
Kind of snowing a bit outside right now, but quite a bit warmer than its been, down right balmy.
I wonder how the Stupor Bowl is going right now....

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