Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Photo @ Newlow
I got a message yesterday from a reader, Anna, in Austrailia who wanted to know about the kits we wear to stay warm when its cold out and we ride. Personally I don't go anywhere in the winter without polypro long underwear and wool socks. Beyond that, I dress in layers, lots of wool. Getting a decent hat made of technical fibers or merino wool that can fit under a helmet is also an essential piece of the puzzle to staying warm when the mercury drops. Mittens over fingered gloves, plastic bags on your feet and Nokian studded tires round out the kit for me.

The above shot Robin Davies took of the run up to the Pugsley Drag Race on Sunday afternoon. It was well after 5 pm and still day light! It was pretty cool to be out on the ice and see the sun set over the city. For the first time this winter, they over predicted the snow fall, and we were dusted only. sweet.
The ZR ships to SoCal today for a Bike Mag review, so watch for that in about 3 months...

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