Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Something To Read

Got the sickness, stayed home from work today. Cold as hell, feel like crap. Luckily the new Bike Magazine showed up yesterday. Lots of edit this time around...and I've got a trail profile in the 50 States/50 Trails article of Flow in Marquette. Came out pretty sweet.
I'm gonna make some tea now and then go back to bed.
Oh, and to validate this winter, the inch or so of snow we got last night this morning, pushed Madison over the all time record of 76 inches. Its snowing still, and we've got a lot of winter left to go. Radical.
Headed up to the Twin Cities this weekend for Frostbike, and I'm excited. Can't wait to see some old pals, to stop by 1 on 1 and Cars-R-Coffins, and generally get out of town for a couple of days. Watching the weather last night, it sounds like MLPS has only had 25 inches of snow, which is crazy. It also looks like it'll be in the 20s there this weekend. Usually the weather for Frostbike is super cold...

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