Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I was in the back yard this morning, and the amount of snow piled on top of the grills was so sad. I think I'm goin' to dig one out next weekend and fire it up. Grilling was something I used to do all of the time, but in the last few years not so much. Stuff just tastes better when it's grilled, that can't really be argued. Veggies, fish, steaks, whatever.

Sifting through the fall out from the death of Matthew Manger-Lynch in the TDC on Sunday. It was on the front page of the Trib' yesterday, and there seems to be a ton of animosity towards cyclists in the city of Chicago. Not exciting to read about that, as I've had some great rides there.

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djonnymac said...

is that grill an old BOB trailer?