Monday, February 25, 2008

Studded For Your Enjoyment

Thanks Djonn for the pics.

As I’ve repeatedly said in the past weeks, this winter has been the harsh mistress, but a slight weather respite yesterday combined with several cases of cheap canned domestic lager from our brewing pals all over the great state of Wisconsin, and the tireless work of Djonn and Jeff organized some of the most fun I’ve had on a bike in a fortnight.
With temps hovering in the mid thirties, I spent most of the afternoon chopping ice and moving snow. Around 2 pm, I mounted the pit bike to spin up to the liquor store to get supplies and test the new/used CETMA rack I bought from the Darkness at the swap last month.
Got my gear together and headed to town at 4:30, with a pretty lady giving me a ride into Madison. I met up with Djonn in Tenney Park, where we found Jeff and headed out onto Lake Mendota. What a barren, but beautiful place. Within a few minutes, we were joined by Robin and a few of the usual suspects. It was apparent that we’d be unable to race on the lake with 4 inches of slush killing any momentum. Luckily Craig and Vee showed up on Pugsleys, and a drag race format was hastily put together. After the sun set and the wind picked up, we moved out mobile party to the ice skating ponds for some figure 8 mayhem. Spills were sustained, and beers were spilled. The Nokian Studs hooked up great and I felt like a little kid just playing around, seeing how far I could lean before falling.

We moved on to Olson’s house for a bonfire and more beers before our final destination, the abandoned building for 24 Minutes of the Abandoned building. I hadn’t been since September and even with the gate in corner 3 open, the conditions were as sketchy as I’d ever seen. On about my third lap, I went dowwwwn hard, sliding about 20 feet on my back, and popped up completely unscathed.

Scott S., MOTAB rookie took the victory. I’d been outside for about 6 hours by the time I headed home, and I was feeling pretty good. We have a winter storm warning here today for another 6 to 8 inches of snow, and I’m headed to Maine this weekend for work, so the riding fun is probably going to be on hold until next week, sadly.


Anne said...

I dont know how you guys do it in those conditions. Cycling, let alone going outside when the temperature is below zero (C) is unheard of here.

I almost wimp out when the temperature in the dark depths of a Melbourne winter is between 0c - 3c. Nothing like your winter.

So it raises the question - what sort of kit do you guys wear? How do you stay warm but not overheat with sweat?

I think you should blog an outline of how to stay warm and dry in your harsh winter.

arleigh said...

Very nice photos!