Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tour Of California

Ben Delany/Velo News Photo

The above is a shot from Velo News yesterday of my buddy Petar from Mavic (on the right gluing some tubulars) looks like he's having a blast. Anyhow, the ATOC is rolling as I type this, and the race is bigger than ever this year, so that is good to see. Sounds like Lord Hayden may be riding in the Pedros car on Thursday, we'll have to get a report from him as that comes together.

I hate to be the guy that uses his blog to despense hate, but Fuck Rock Racing. There, I have that off my chest.

This weekend was great and I had fun, but the sickness kicked in some new toe holds and is really dug in now due to a lack of sleep and too much booze. Got to party down at 1 On 1 again this year, and thanks to Geno and the gang for hosting the HED Wheels Retrospective/Frostbike party on Saturday night. Had a great talk with Nate from Monkeywrench in Licoln about the state of the industry, and the rise of the city bike. And small bikes were derbied out back as they often are at the OOO Bike Shop.

Also, 650b peeps, head over and check out the newest addition to the Crooked Cog network, sixfiftyb.com. Tell Arleigh that DP sent you.


Arleigh said...

Thanks for the link drop!

One Eyed z said...

How is it that we didn't bump into eachother at the One On One party I'll never no... or maybe I was just drunk.
Good to meet you at FrostBike.
The season is almost here!