Thursday, February 26, 2009

What a Week

Lots going on this week, getting ready for 10 days on the East Coast, but before that, we got our first shipment in, and so the last few days have been dealing with that. Sorry for the lack of posts. I'll try and write something on Saturday night from Maine...later.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Keep It Simple, Stupid

Probably my favorite song, and I'm not a huge Skynrd fan, but the message, man is a good one.
Turn up the freedom.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ha Ha

Graffiti win. Always good shit.

Fat History

A couple of weeks ago I read on Mike Flanigan's blog that he was going to post a bunch of old photos from his days at Fat City. Well he did, you can check them out on his flickr site. Super cool.

Headed To Hollis

I'm off to the right coast this Friday, flying into Boston, then out of JFK on March 9th. It's going to be a long hustle, but I'm taking a bike, and I've put the word out, so hopefully I can do some riding in both cities. I'm going to be staying in Queens for a couple of nights, so hopefully I can get some burgers and check out some RUN DMC stuff at the burger joint above.
Also, hoping to check out some bitchin clothing stores in the City, along with Daves Quality Meat, Trackstar, King Kog, etc.
Lastly, but not leastly, I've been clued in on Peel Sessions on Thursdays, so I'me gonna peep that too.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

From JA

Who read it on the AP newswire:

Mich. police: Group beat bicyclist unconscious

6 days ago

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (AP) — Some members of a group of about 40 to 50 young males attacked a 50-year-old man riding a bicycle and beat him unconscious, police said.

The motive for the attack Tuesday evening was not known and police were still interviewing witnesses, Lt. Tom Hemingway said. No arrests have been made.

Witnesses told investigators the attackers knocked the man off his bike and began beating him. Police said he was hit in the head with a bottle and then kicked and punched as he lay in the street.

His stolen bike was found later. The man remained hospitalized Wednesday, and police did not release his name or medical condition.

An aunt told The Kalamazoo Gazette that her nephew is in critical condition and breathing with the aid of a ventilator. The woman, who asked the newspaper not to use her name out of fear for her safety, said he enjoys riding his bike around town.

Hemingway said the unseasonably warm weather drew many people outdoors, and police had been dispersing large groups of young people in the city all afternoon.

"You just can't be everywhere at once," Hemingway said. "We had officers just a couple of blocks away when the attack happened."

Kalamazoo's high on Tuesday was 63 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. Its average high for the date is 35.

FUCK KALAMAZOO. So glad I don't live there anymore, though I guess this could happen anywhere there is people with nothing to do...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Had To Share

Old Buddy

Ladies and gentlemen, the late great Kit Crockett!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bicycles With Names

In the old days, I named every bicycle I had. Not sure why, or when I stopped. But here is a partial list of some of the contraptions I built or rode or owned at one point:

The Open Wound
The Brat Mobile (adult tricycle with a weber grill on the back)
Steady Pimpin
PBR Cruiser
Captain Tito
Seemed Like A Good Idea
The Lip Gloss

Currently, I've got 4 bikes. Somehow, they have all gone without names like bastard children. Damn, I've even owned one of them since spring 2000...and that bike has been all over the country with me...I sort of just refer to it as Freedom, as it is a rigid single speed that really doesn't require too much attention. I guess the bicycles used to speak more directly to my soul or something.
Well, dear reader if you can think of a bike that we/I had, chime in and let yo' voice be heard.

That being said, I just though of a name for my cruiser with the CETMA rack:

Slick Black Battle Axe

Big Fella

This week the Paul Bunyan statue that stands in in the north Portland neighborhood of Kenton was named to the National Registry of Historic Places.
"The National Register doesn't recognize beautiful things," said Ian Johnson, historian at the State Historic Preservation Office. "It recognizes historically important things. That's a big distinction."
I saw this story on the front page of the paper the other day, but for whatever reason I allowed it to slide of to the side. I think we may have to go visit the big guy this weekend.


This means you.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Urban Riding

LJ McAllister Photo
I'd heard of this mountain biking area in Seattle that was located under a highway overpass. When Olson and I were driving around up there last weekend, we were half-heartedly looking for it, but never saw it. Saturday, Jen, Tanya and I were lost, trying to get back on the highway, when boom, we find Collonade. Pretty f-ing rad, I gotta tell you.
Then yesterday, we're meeting with Jay Graves from The Bike Gallery, and he tells us about a similar project that is in its infacny here in Portland, an area called Gateway Green. Then boom, hugh article about it this morning on Bike Portland. Now I'm even more stoked!
Speaking of stoke, sounds like a trip to Bend tomorrow to search for some dirt to ride, and to pick up a tricycle.
Yeah, that one from last week, I bought it for $50. A fool and his money I guess. Anyone got any really narrow pista bars?

Friday, February 06, 2009


It takes a big man, to see how small he really his.
If you haven't seen 3:10 to Yuma, do it. It is a damn fine film.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Oh Man

Ever since the Swobo Gateway Drug T came out, I've been in the market for a vintage tricycle to make my own. What for? How about what not for?
Then I see this one, and I think all I need are some pista bars and we are in business. I passed on one locally here about a month ago. We went back to get it, and it was gone. I was a sad cowboy that day.

I know, I'm sick.

Lots Happening In Eugene

Lane is moving some stuff, literally. You should check in from time to time.

Your Money, Give It To Him

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Your Toes

Get ready to tap them:

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


That has been a bit of buzz word for the last year or so hasn't it. Just read a good quote, from a new source:

"Without change, there is fossilization,and that’s the worst thing that can happen."

Agreed. I feel it is important to change things up a bit every few years, just to keep from the creative side from atrophying. You can read more good quotes like that and other stuff about building brands over here.

Monday, February 02, 2009

The 608, Kids

Have To Share This One

From The UP

I like to get note from old friends that take me back in time...this one just rolled in from Pickens:

"Driving the hand north, back up from the D last night, Devon and I are cruising along US 2 west of the Mighty Mac. Then, calamity. Dash lights aglow, gauges lifeless, and sputtering and gurgling from under the hood. Dodge a deer that was looking for trouble, and limp the Escort (ZX2 Hot!) into Naubinway, a commericial fishing port before the engine ceases. Being as it was Super Bowl Sunday night, I have my doubts about everything. Shortly, they were confirmed. The hotel: closed. The restaurant: closed. The town: seemingly closed. Darkness befalls us, and we pack what we can on our backs, and wander south through town. Down the hill, toward the lake, we stumble across Shirley's Cove, in neon lights. Snowmobiles whine in the cold distance, and we enter to suspicous eyes of the patrons gathered round the TV for a feast of wild game and brew. To our relief, we find nothing but hospitality. The owner and patrons quickly befriend us, fill our both our bellies and mugs, and show us a great time, in the commercial fishing port of Naubinway, MI."

I rolled through the same small town on a bicycle years ago with JB. Stopped at a little diner called the Country Girl. A hand painted sign out by the edge of US 2 read "bikers welcome".
We entered, weary from several days on the road. It was immedately obvious from the "biker" who was running the joint, that they meant Harley...but within minutes, we were being fed a warm meal, and a map was drawn for us wear to camp for that little town.