Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This Just In

from number 9:

"This Friday, we of the 1331 E. Dayton house of radness and douche-baggery proudly host Meghan Korol's birthday. Here is the run down:

-Its spandex themed (I had nothing to do with this)
-Starts at 9:30pm
-There will be a keg and Jello shots
-Weather permitting, there will be ice skating at Tenney Park before hand
-Meghan likes George Washington so expect something having to do with George Washington

See you there in your spandex wear"

God willing, I'll be there. And a party at Cronometro the same night, and Bockfest and a swap, and MOTAB which I haven't been to since September.... When is a guy supposed to have a quiet weekend at home to recover? Off to Maine next weekend and Marquette a couple of weeks after that...then it'll be spring or something like it.

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