Sunday, February 03, 2008


Just bought an old RCA Victor radio out in Columbus. I've been wanting/looking for one for a while for our kitchen table. We were inspired to look at antiques during a trip to Milwaukee. (thanks sanchez)
It is a pretty simple little box.

"This is to certify that this instrument has the acoustical balance which produces the tone of the 'Golden Throat'." Says the lable on the back. Got NPR tuned in and the rich sounds of string quartets fill our house. Currently getting my strength up for the last NFL: game for months. It's going to be tough without football on the weekends, I guess that just means it's time to race bicycles on the weekends, or something.

Looks like Zito won Stupor Bowl, again. Man, not even a speeding Oldsmobile can keep that man down. I'm toasting a frosty PBR in your direction, you elegant bastard.

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