Thursday, January 03, 2008


What Would Phil Do?
Just asking.

On a totally unrelated topic, it doesn't appear that I'll be headed to the SSWC in August as it filled up in about 4 minutes whilst I was sleeping a couple of nights ago. Call me old, but back in the day, you could just show up, and if you found the pre-race party spot the night before, you'd give them some cash, they'd give you some swag, you'd beat your liver into submission that night, and drag ass to the start the next day. (and that is a fact. I did it in 2000 and again in 02) None of this pre-race bs. And at $35 clams a racer, for 350 racers, thats a lot of clams....$12,250.00 is a pretty good "underground" "race" budget. Bitter?



Ryan said...

There would be a killer drum solo in every song....that's what Phil would do.

Anonymous said...

indeed there would.


ZR Cycles said...

I hate Phil Collins

yooperjb said...

Yeah that's shitty. We should start our own and call it the single speed underworlds. Still only a $1 entry. That shit is so 2000.