Monday, January 14, 2008

Swap/cx banquet/30th birthday party

This past weekend was one of those weekends that mercifully don't happen very often. As is was, there was about 3 too many things that I tried to pack into the day on Saturday. A group of us met at Wilson's Pub for bloody marys before the swap on Saturday at 8:30 am. From there we pedaled to the swap and spent some cash on bike stuff I probably didn't need but wanted none the less. I did however pick up a sweet CETMA rack on the cheap, thanks Marko! Saw a bunch of old friends, and had some laughs.
After the swap, I headed out to watch the Packers at the Great Dane...and damn it was a pretty good game, that is unless you are a Seattle Seahawks fan. From there a bunch of us headed to Fitchburg for the cross banquet. I'm certain that the rowdieness of our combined bkb/pegasus/magnus team effort was not apprecieated by everyone that was there, but no matter it was fun. Perhaps the first time a cross banquet anywhere was superfanned...
Then a good old fashioned 30th birthday party for #9 complete with a keg of Scotch Ale and a Hot Tub left many hung over for Sunday. But you'll have that sometimes. Sundays are good for sleeping in, eating burritos, sitting by the fire and watching NFL playoffs anyways.