Friday, January 11, 2008


I don't go to live shows much anymore. Cash, time, lack of bands I like touring, age, getting my teeth kicked in, have all kept me away from live shows. "Back in the day", a phrase I say with my tounge firmly in my cheek, I used to go to live shows all the time. Recently it has come to my attention that some old freinds (Now known as Able Baker Fox) are playing a show at the Metro in Chicago with one of my all time favorites, Hot Water Music. HWM is a band I've never seen live, but always deeply enjoyed. I was on my way to a Small Brown Bike/Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music show in November 2000 at the Shelter in Detroit when something came up...Those were good times and I saw some great shows, and sometimes I get nostalgic for the past...Today I was looking online at some stuff, when I stumbled to the Hot Water's merch page and found the above ear plugs. That is when you know you play brutal the end not going to shows is all just excuses I guess. This show also happens to fall on the same weekend as the Stupor Bowl, and sadly those events though they may rock equally as hard, are taking place 500 miles apart...

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