Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Time For My Favorite Winter Activity

What do you know, another 7 inches of powder fell last night, and that means its time for snowshoeing. When we lived in the U.P. we used to go all the time, but the snowfall has been pretty weak around Wisco the last few winters. Time to dig the shoes out and dust them off for this weekend, or maybe a night shoe somewhere this week...also picked up a sixer last night of my favorite New Glarus beer, look for one in a cooler near you!

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yooperjb said...

MMm beer. Man I haven't had a beer since new years eve. One, I drank too much in michigan, two I'm not drinking until I pass the GRE (which I take on Friday). Oh I can taste it now. snowshoeing? what the hell is that. around these parts people go mudshoeing in the bay when it empties out with the ebb tide. maybe i'll try some cross country mud skiing!