Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Load

Sometimes the load is heavy,
Sometimes not.
On good days the wind is still,
On great days it’s blows over your shoulder.
Some nights you sleep in a ditch,
Others nights by the ocean.
The roads may be cracked and hot,
But they might often by smooth and flat.
Rain and cold can invade every crack,
Or the sun can kiss your closed eyelids.
Your bike will be your escape,
And you could leave your troubles as fast as you can pedal.

When I dream of the road, I take solace knowing my friends our out there, finding their way, chasing their dreams, giving in to wanderlust. Got a good old fashioned letter from my buddy Charles the other day, who is riding ‘round the world, and it was such a joy. When was the last time I got a letter….in the mail. Its been a long time. In this world of instant gratification letter writing has been lost. So has the art of making a mix tape, sending a post card….sometimes I feel like all of this interconnectivity, is slowly cutting us all apart….

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