Thursday, January 24, 2008


Antbikemike has a blog now with Flickr photos so when you have some time to check out his work, and a napkin to dab the drool off of your chin, take a look. Truely he is THE best in the biz. He gets it totally, and when I say "it" I mean the bicycle as more than a toy.
Speaking of custom framebuilders, I was riding over to the Mainframe last night to drop off a 650b wheel for ZR to use on spacing his disc caliper on his new frame, when a near tragedy struck. As per my custom, I never go to the Mainframe empty handed, and I had stopped for a sixer of High Life at the Spot. There was a wheel tied on my back pack, so I just wrapped the paper bag around my bar and held on tight through my mittens. As I was just about to turn off of Cottage Grove Road, i heard the bag tear and saw my golden payload plummet to the snowy pavement. Fuck!
I ditched my bike in the snow bank and darted into the street for my beers. I had a couple of horns blown at me by passing motorists...I can only imagine what they thought of the nut job with a wheel on his back picking up cans of beer of the street durning rush hour when its below zero...I got 5 of 6 back, which is a small price to pay, all things considered.
And it was -17 on the ride in this morning... so I've got that going for me. I is supposed to get up to 7 this afternoon. Thats what we call, a heat wave 'round here.

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