Friday, January 25, 2008

In His Own Words

From time to time we host a guest writer on the Snot Rocket, and today Lord Haden tells us the story of our friendly neighborhood skull bong:

"His name could be Bosepheus? Couldn't hurt.

The true backstory is that his father Skully was a known dipsomaniac and all around naer-do-well who was found passed out in D*Pow's bushes when he lived downtown. Being cognizant of his need for booze, Dan filled him full of Old Style and like Magic Jesus himself he sprang to life, demanding more booze and the racing of tiny bicycles. He partied for several years around the greater Madison area, but just like that he was snuffed out, crushed to death by the draconian corps that is the Madison Police Department at Mifflin Block Party. I guess those "madison free-thinkers" just weren't ready to let a dead man drink. Fortunately, Skully had a problem keeping his tube in his non-existent pants, and had shared his seed with a barhag harlot shortly before his demise. 9 weeks later, my Les-baru mail carrier brought the infant in swaddling clothes and a cardboard box and left it on my doorstep. And from that day on, wherever there was beer to be chugged, young Bosepheus was there, sharing his gift with the world."

Thanks for setting the record straight, sounds like Bo is going to drop by the 'Cross Worlds Dawn Patrol Party this weekend. We'll make sure we spill a little out for you Lord.

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