Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy Mondays

The picture is of a piece entitled "Bicycle Messiah" for obvious reasons. I keep it on my tool board for motivation. This is what happens when you work year round at a bike shop in the midwest. The slow times in the winter will make you do crazy boss let this project slide, but he did threaten to fire me if I kept working on the prison tattoo gun. I was getting pretty close too.
Ah, Monday morning, truely a day to not be trusted. It is close to 40, raining and foggy as hell. Shite. Just a week ago it was full on winter, and single digit temps. What can you do. At least the days are getting longer...
Spent some time this weekend getting the fixed gear back togther and I'm weighing blowing off the Surly Travellers Check in favor of getting some couplers put in my fixed frame. Something more to mull.
Ever wonder who came up with razor wire? Me too. Sometimes Mondays feel like they are wrapped in it.

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