Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Just listening to some DJ Shadow today at work and it got me thinking about the documentary Dark Days he did the score for. If you haven't seen it, Dark Days is a stark account of homeless inhabitants of Freedom Tunnel in NYC. I was fascinated by the film mainly because of my interest in places we aren't supposed to dwell at the fringes of our society. From time to time on the Snot Rocket, I'll recomend a 'zine, usually from years ago. Today, if you get some down time, check out the 'zine called Infiltration, the magazine about "going places you aren't supposed to go" It was published from the late 90's up until 2005 when the editor Jeff Chapman (aka Ninjalicious) died of liver failure. You may still be able to get your hands on some of the issues, I used to buy them here in Madison at the Rainbow Bookstore Co-op, but their 'zine selection has delined since I first moved here in 2002. (But there is still plenty other of good stuff on their shelves.)
Currently there is an extensive urban exploration movement still happening in about any city with old buildings. One such group/site is Wide Open Detroit who some people hate, but I happen to enjoy following, kind of like a Detroit sports team; they are loveable in a hateful way. Their pics from inside Tiger Stadium are my favorite.
*The pic at the top of the post came from one of my other favorite sites about abandoned places, Polar Inertia. You can find that link on the right of my blog.

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