Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Simple Joy

Sitting at home today, windy as hell. Just watched the Red Wings beat the Avalanche in NHL hockey playoffs. Like old times, it's a real treat to see a game live from the Joe!
Shafts of sunlight filling the living room, sleepy dogs. Rode the pit bike up to the beer store for a 12-er of High Life and the wind stopped me in my tracks coming home. Forecast for tomorrow says snow. WTF?
One of these days, gonna get the mountain bike out...who is up for riding to Blue Mounds, gettin' growlers @ the Troll, building a fire, sleepin' on the ground, get up in the morning to drink some cowboy coffee, pinnin' some single track and riding back to Madison?
Email me fools!


Erik said...

Your know I'm always down to clown.

Robin said...

I'm interested.