Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday Already, Huh?

The weekend goes really quickly when you spend 10 hours riding in a car, and 12 hours drinking beer. However, it is totally worth it to spend time with the classy bike folks in one of my favorite places, Minnieapplepuss.
A quick recap, Jesse and I drove up early on Saturday, talked about a variety of bike related non-sense on the way up, dropped his posters off for Artcrank, had a coffee at CRC coffee, had some really tastey mexican at a little joint called Dominguez's, headed back to CRC where Hurl put us to work fixing a bike or two. By this point we were pretty deep into the beers, and the weather was perfect, making it one of the nicest days outside I've had in a while. We rolled up the garage door on the shop, it was nice.
Stopped by Hurl's crib for some loaner bikes, showed up a little late at the Artcrank show, and it was packed! Lots of really impressive work, many many nice people. Someone later said 700 folks rolled in and out, but there is no way to know. Lots showed up via bicycle. Stayed too late, had a Pizza Luce stop on the way home. Crashed for a few hours, then more coffee at CRC, and rolled over the the world HQ of Twin 6 where Jesse secured the prizes for the H8R race next weekend. Huge thanks to Brent and Rayn at Twin 6. Their stuff is really slick, you should check it out!
Then back in the car, through some serious rain, and home. Slept like a dead animal last night. Thanks for driving Jesse...Tomorrow night to Chicago, then the H8R and Paris-Roubaix this weekend. Let the spring roll.

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