Monday, April 28, 2008

Ah, Monday.

Sometimes Mondays really make me feel like a monkey on a string riding a small bicycle for the delight of asian people...Other times, it just feels like a boot to the side of the head.
MOTAB last night was pretty sparsely attended, but none the less fun. I brought the Folsom and let several folks ride it with the agreement they would give me their honest opinion. It has been agreed that the Folsom is the "Essential party bike". I take that to be a good thing, as many folks brought it back and skidded to a stop with a big smile on their face.
Sounds like Jeff at Revolution is going to start stocking the Swobo bike line. Sweet.
It was sunny and cool on the ride in, the ride home looks like it is going to be wet and cold...The above image is a shot that Colin took of the trophy from last night's MOTAB won by Scott. That is the head tube off of one of the new Trek all mountain bikes. when flipped upside down the lower cup that fits a new 1.5 inch cup fits a can of Blatz almost TOO well, if you get my drift.

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