Thursday, April 17, 2008


Most of the time, I’m the guy on the left. Feel free to race all you want, if that’s your thing, go with it. It ain’t mine. Just Riding Along does it for me. However, from time to time, I kit up and throw down at a race. Yesterday I agreed to team with Planet Hayden for a 2 Man 12 Hour combo for this summers 24 Hours of 9 Mile. Yeah I know what you are saying, “only 12 hours?”
I’ll be drinking beers and eating bacon cheese burgers at about 10 minutes after 10 pm. And it’s going to be sweet. Word on the street is we’ll have a big compound again this year, maybe not Disco Pirates, but it will be something high concept you can bet on that!
In other news, I heard today that Oil has hit $114 a barrel. Awesome.

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