Wednesday, April 02, 2008

RIP Eugene Sloane

Along with my old man and Sheldon Brown, I learned the most about bikes from Eugene Sloane and his "Complete Book Of Bicycling." He passed away on Saturday. You can pick up one of the editions of the book from just about any used or new book store. It is jam packed with mechanical insights to the bicycle, along with pretty cool old pictures and drawings.
Oh, and gas stations don't make money on gas? Huh, who saw that coming?
Also, Garbage Warrior was released on DVD today, and it is playing at the Madison Film Fest this weekend.
And finally, it's rare I'd suggest a TV program, but the Frontline last night "Bad Voodoo's War" was excellent.

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ZR Cycles said...

When I worked at a gas/service station in high school we made about 5 cents per gallon. I have no idea what it is now, but it was never a lot.