Monday, October 27, 2008

You Stink

Madcross Photo

'You Stink' Those were the first words out of Jen's mouth last night when she picked me up after MOTAB. Well gosh, it's nice to see you too!
Long day yesterday. Got rollin early with Lyle, Kelly and Colin. Got to Washington Park with what seemed like plenty of time, then all of a sudden, Djonn, Ryan and I find out we're racing 45 minutes earlier than we though, and we jumped into the start sans warm up. Brutal from the start. Didn't feel well ever. The picture is of Planet Bike's newest rider Billy Knutson chasing me down. He caught me a couple of times, and finally put me away on the last lap...sorry for trying to take you dowwwn Bill on lap 2. I skipped my left pedal off a root on the inside of a turn, and tail whipped old Bill right off his bike. 29th place on the day out of 60 plus, but there were 10 guys I could see not that far up, on a different day, it would have been top 20 for sure...
Lots of Superfanning for the rest of the day. Bunny hops through fire balls, a Sparks Hand-Up. Before leaving Milwaukee, we stopped at The Sanchez household for some chow. Seriously, Carrie well done on the tacos.
Rolled back to Madison in style (i.e. a Cadillac Deville). Grabbed a drink and Mickeys and headed out to MOTAB. Last night was the 4th anneversary of uninterupted MOTABs.
Low turn out and cold, otherwise good.
Which brings me to the Jen comment. I guess a day of racin, eating, hangin out outside, and drinkin doesn't make a dude smell so good...

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