Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekends Like This One

Madcross Photo

Weekends like this don't come along very often...and when they do they need to be savored.
Rode to Saris Friday night with Heath and Chris to the Bike Fed/Saris Gala fundraiser. Lots of good freinds, tons of cash raised (Over $100K is the report, largest one day fundraiser of its kind for a bike advocacy organization) Spent a long time talking to Pete from Cog. Get ready for their Photo Annual that will be out soon, its going to be sweet.
Saturday watched Jen race at Badger Prairie, got some house work done, then headed to Revolution Cycles Saturday night for a fund raiser to buy a wheel chair. Kelly wanted to raise $2K, but EVERYONE came through huge to bring in $4K to help Brad pay some bills, AND buy his own wheel chair.

A pretty good night to be in Madison. Positive energy. Big Time.

Yesterday down to Janes-vegas for the Gibbs Lake Showdown. My favorite cross course. Period. Way to go Cory, the venue, the food, the live band, everything. It was a day of firsts:
First recorded pastry hand up
First dollar bill hand up for the elite ladies
First live snake hand up
First small child hand up

Pretty much if we can find it, we'll try to hand it up to racers. Then after we were done racin and super fannin, we took our keg, stopped at the Janesville Hooters (as is the custom) and headed back to Lyles to drink a bit more. Slept like a dead animal last night.

Good hustle out there.


Ben said...

sounds fantastic man and sounds like Wisconsin! You all are fantastic! It was a great weekend.

TOMMY GUN said...

dammit janet. We got, uh, "waylaid" in Milwaukee. Well, at least BrauerPower did. And didn't get home til 4:30 this morning. Liveur Damage....