Thursday, October 02, 2008

Seen In Vegas

I stayed off the strip entirely this year, I can't stand that place. I did finally get to Freemont Street "Old Vegas" to see the Kicking Cowboy and all that stuff. Had some great mexican food. But by far the coolest thing I saw was at the Rickshaw Bagworks booth, the "Beerdoleer". I went to buy one, but they were down to their last one and wouldn't sell it to me. I stole the pic from Stevil over at HTATBL. Rickshaw is some of the OG crew from Timbuk 2. I've been keeping my eyes on their site since last Interbike. Their bags a really well thought out.
Tonight I'm going to put drop bars on the cross bike, and switch it to a one speed. Should be a heck of a lot lighter for this weekend. Thats about all I got today, it was 43 degrees outside this morning...cold.

Fall is here!

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