Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just Gonna Say It

White Man in Hammersmith Palais is my favorite Clash song. Two years ago I'd have said Death or Glory...What is your favorite Clash song?

Yeah, I'm talking to you.


urbanhermit said...

...two years ago I would of said, Janie Jones. Now it would be Armagideon Time.

TOMMY GUN said...

Garageland vs. Brand New Cadillac. (yes, she did...)

crankyd said...

Bankrobber, Straight to Hell, Police & Thieves, basically every damn one of them.

Robin said...

Gonna go with "Safe European Home" right now, but my Radio Clash 12" gets hella playtime live.

a- said...

it has been and still remains, the all time winner.......Straight to Hell!

TK said...

Train in Vain (London Calling/album cover still rocks!) the first time I heard this on vinyl and it was not track listed!
Police & Thieves from the import EP!
RIP Joe.

Jeremy said...

Either Guns of Brixton, or Lost in the Supermarket.

"When they kick out your front door,
How you gonna come,
With your hands on your head,
Or on the trigger of your gun."

brettok said...

Last Gang in Town, All the young Punks, Hate and War... oh god, the memories!