Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birthday's Past

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. Played it pretty cool, just some dinner and drinks with some pals. The above photo was from a couple of years ago, when a bunch of us went down to Mideval Times in Schaumburg. It was pretty awesome, just like the scene in the film Cable Guy. I had a bit too much Mead (bud light) and security told me to cool it as my plate smashing was 'scaring the horses'. Yeah, like the sword play and jousting wasn't? I just wanted everyone to know the Red Knight was the best knight.
Either way, yesterday was mellow. My buddy Good Times shares my birthday date, and I asked him what he did for his big day yesterday:
"I drank some Italian liquor made out of fermented Rubarb, I think its called Campari, then smoked a huge blunt. Probably not the best idea I've had."

Sounds, original.

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Lord Hayden said...

What made that Medieval Times trip even better was a bunch of your asshole friends backing out of it at the last minute.

Re: Good Times, as Ween says, "n'that Frenchman loves to party".