Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Freeman Transport

I've been keeping an eye on Freeman Transport for a while now. They are making bikes that come standard with S&S couplings. Handmade in Montana. Benny Gold did their logo.
Their stuff looks good. Really classy. I like how they think "ride your bike to the airport" etc. In line with my own mantra. Anyways, their site just went live, check it out. I may have to see about getting one of their cases, mine looks like garbage compared to theirs.

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Julie said...

yeah, the standard S&S backpack is a piece of crap. mine fell apart in 6 months flat, they were nice enough to replace it free but grumbled that it was somehow the airline's fault. DUDE, it's a backpack for checking a bike on a plane, of course the airlines are going to handle it. (end rant) you'll have to keep us posted on the freeman. i too am tempted.