Saturday, October 11, 2008


A lot has happened since Betty White opened fire last Wednesday. The Wed. Nite Ride was one for the books. A pretty good crew ended up under the Hwy 30 underpass for a hobo party. A duo Matt-Pat from Willy Bikes joined us. We worked on our burn barrel skills, and booze drinkin. The ride home with an empty Bob trailer was a good one. Perfect weather, empty roads, and some of my top secret training course.
Thursday was not so good. Hang Over City, population me...a long slow 13 mile ride in, busy day, a cancelled tatoo appointment, and bed at 9 pm.
Friday I took a day for myself, and it was sure nice. Perfect weather. Lots of coffee drinking, book reading and leg resting. No cross racin' this weekend, as I pulled the plug on the UP trip.
Today was a day of some bike work and football watching. I said goodbye to an old friend; the drive side Profile crank arm on the Gunnar finally cracked, joining its non-drive partner in the parts bin. Those cranks were light, and looked great, but if a 125 lb guy can crack them, well...
We also have spent quite a bit of time cooking locally the last few days. We picked up our share on Thursday and I got everything cleaned and sorted right away. Slow food the last few days, and lots of greens. Sun Prairie farmers market this morning, and I'm stoked to try some Wisconsin grow wild rice that we picked up.
Carrot cake is planned for tomorrow.


Lord Hayden said...

Tonight we had wild rice with a leek-mushroom-white wine reduction number. Damn that's fine eatin' the guys I hunt with say, I was shittin' in tall cotton.

Anonymous said...

great post thanks