Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday Night Road Trip

Met up with the fellas down at the Mainframe last night to hang as I often do on Tuesday nights. ZR had found a lathe on Craigs List and wanted to buy it. Problem was it was down in Janesvegas and the guy didn't want to hold it until the weekend. He asked me to go along and frankly I had nothing better to do so I agreed. Jonny Cycles jumped on board as well. We hopped in the mighty Subaru and pointed it SE.
The quote of the night was from ZR when he said "There can't be that many places in Janesville..." Well I'll be damned to find that there are. We drove around for a long time. We saw the river, crossed the tracks into the rough part of town, saw the trailer park (twice) and had a tour of several gas stations where several variations of the same directions were given.
In Janesvegas they don't give road directions, but land marks: "Cross two sets of tracks, turn left at the Pick N'Save, Right at Burger King, etc."
Someone realized that we had forgotten the cargo straps, and the pictures on the internet made this thing look pretty big, so there was some worry as to how we'd get it home.
When we finally got to the house, we found the lathe to be, well, so small it was almost cute. With some quick thinking and dis-assembly we fit it right in the car with me in the back seat. The guy even threw in a matching drill press. The whole set up is probably from the 1940s, so overall it was a good score. The fellas there at the bike factory are really getting geared up with the machines, so this was a nice addition.
As is now the custom, whenever you buy something in Janesvegas on Craigs List, you must eat at Hooters. Which we did. The Bud on tap there is quite tastey, so if you are in the neighborhood, stop in and say HI!

And wouldn't you know it, this new Graeme Fife book looks like a real winner.

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