Monday, March 31, 2008

Here Comes Monday

I'm stoked and you should be too. Some weeks I feel like that guy there in the picture and the week is just bearing down on me like so many tanks....I love Mondays!
So, out of sheer luck I picked the final four NCAA b-ball teams. I mean, all I did was pick the 4 #1 seeds, it wasn't hard.
I get three bottles of wine from the other guys in the office pool. I fully expect a bottle of Boones or Night Train to be tossed in there, and thats fine with me.
Motab last night was good. I rode into town with no hat and no gloves on, I haven't done that in about 6 months. Awesome!
This past weekend, we joined a local CSA, the JenEhr Farm in Sun Prairie. Buying into a local farm is something that we've been talking about for a long time, and we finally did it. The farm is located about 6 miles from our house, so we are really looking forward to riding the Xtracycle out there this summer to pick up our veggies and chickens.
Nearing 80 people signed up for the H8R in two weekends, it's gonna be a big one.
Also, today is opening day for the Detroit Tigers, and it looks like it'd going to be a very interesting season. The team is commited to spending the $ to get a good team, and reading the experts reports this spring has me hoping for a run deep into the playoffs.
The Roar has been restored!

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Lord Hayden said...

Just joined a CSA...who knew there was something called agretti and spigariello greens? Hope you like squash.