Friday, March 07, 2008


Back in college, my room mate Jeremy, now a law dog, and I used to scavenge the local thrift stores for racing jackets like the one above. These coats were always old, and usually stained/ill fitting, but man, they can start a conversation. I'd love to see Swobo step up to the plate and knock something out of the park with threads in this vein.
Weekend is so close, I can taste it...sounds like a warm up on the way and the local crew is starting to talk group rides...YEAH, lets do this!
If you haven't seen Mountain Flyer you should stop by the bookstore and ask for one. The new issue will be hitting shelves soon, and having just seen Brian Reiepe is putting out a great 'zine and the Handbuilt Show issue is the one to get!


devin said...

Nice to see the link to Garo one the fastest and strongest bikers I have ever ridden with,, and maker of some sweet rides. Flag is one of the sweetest riding spots around..
Word up

dp said...

steve is one of the original mutants....he was on the cover of bike mag issue #3. end of story. it is the least I can do to link him.

and his bikes are totally sweet.

and if you have to punt a van and be holed up in a hotel on all kinds of drugs, Flag is a good place to be.