Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Kids Are Not Alright

Just came across this story while eating my lunch of rice and chicken.
Getting kids involved in fight clubs? What the fuck happened to teaching your kid how to fix bikes and build bird houses?


Anonymous said...

This should cheer you up...


King George said...

If you saw kids learning wrestling, or karate, or judo, or boxing I don't think you'd think much of it. MMA is just all of those put together. It's no worse or no better.

Frankly, I'm for anything that keeps kids active and away from the tv and video games.

dp said...

MMA fight club is a LONG ways from when ryan and I used to go see Golden Gloves bouts as kids, and when my bro spent years mastering karate, he never...well, again it had little in common with the “Garage Boys Fight Crew”.

i'll just go back to my bayonet practice and keep my trap shut


Fxdwhl said...

That's wrong on so many levels. Training another generation of hyper-aggressive assholes is important to keeping our freedom fries free.

I'm sure they'll be fine drivers too one day and pass cyclists with the utmost courtesy.