Tuesday, March 04, 2008


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Just rolled back in the office from a bizness trip to the east coast. It was good, but I take back all the complaints about snow we have. My friends, they've got snow in Maine that would blow your mind! Holy cow. I've never seen so many folks shovelling their roofs off.
Welcome to everyone who is coming by from Urban Velo it is a pleasure to have you stop by the Snot Rocket.
As per usual, during my travels I tried to pack in some visits to cool shops and other bike places. Yesterday I was in Boston and I tried to visit the Broadway Bicycle School, but they were closed, so I was bummed. However, I was able to drop in and meet Jon Bailey, owner and cheif factotum of Bailey Works, makers of no bullshit bags. My buddy Weston took me by to visit when we were kicking around Portsmouth, NH. Thanks for the bag Jon, you make some really nice stuff!
More soon, I've got to dig out of some emails...

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david said...

sorry you missed us at broadway bicycle school when you were in cambridge. definitely stop by next time. it is great to have folks stop by when they are visiting from out of town.