Thursday, December 18, 2008

What I'm Up To

Folks keep asking for photos of what we're up to so here goes. The first is a shot from the Oregon Manifest Show that featured some of our initial product offerings and Kathryn's baking prowess.
The last is a quick shot of the office just as we we're moving in. There is a bit more art on the walls now, some more shelving, coffee making ability, and music.
The second is of our silent partner, Sterling Sharpe. He is our heater/All Pro Wide Out. He has been working a lot harder that either of us lately because of the "arctic blast".
Things are coming together. The wife and I settled in the West Moreland/Sellwood area which is only about a mile from the office. We can walk/ride everywhere, so that is pretty much what we were looking for.
We haven't done much in the city yet, just due to being busy and the weather, but we here able to hang out with a couple of guys my brother and I grew up with back in Michigan, Jeff and Mike Snyder. They've both been out here for sevral years, so they've taken us to a couple of pretty sweet places.
Everyone out here uses the hell out of snow chains...
Oh yeah, there are more brew pubs/craft breweries here than anywhere else.
I'm home.


Lord Hayden said...

I'm in Mammoth still, people abuse the hell out of snow chains here too.
I guess it is easier than learning how to drive for conditions.

m e l i g r o s a said...

those shirts are sweet, where could I get one?