Tuesday, December 09, 2008

We're there, man


We made it in last night, just after a stop at Full Sail Brewing in Hood River. With a 12-er of Sessions Lagers in hand, we rolled into the Rose City, and finally parked the Honda at Erik and Kathryn's place in North East. We got up this morning and had breakfast at the Tin Shed on Alberta, and I gotta say, if you are in town, stop there and get a San Fran sandwich. You will not be disappointed. Then walking along Alberta, we passed this thing sitting in front of a store....it looks even better in person that I'd hoped.
This afternoon we headed over to the new PDW HQ. It is also a tin shed, but there is much less breakfast fare there, and a lot more pallet racking...but that is ok. The weather is pretty nice, it was delightful to ride around all day without a winter hat on under my helmet for a change, and get ready for this, there was sun!

We are stoked. I'll try to throw down some photos soon, when I have access to a digital camera again. It's on.

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Planet said...

That bike looks awesome! Delivery vehicle for PDW perhaps???