Friday, December 05, 2008


From Rapid City, South Dakota!

Windy as hell, but warmer that Minneapolis. Stopped by 1 on 1 and the CRC coffee garage yesterday. Great as always. Finally got to sample some Surly beer. Damn, that makes me thirsty again. The open road is great. But that Tom Bodett is full of shit, stayed at a Motel 6 last night and there was no light on for us...but tonight there was.

Thanks Tom. Tomorrow will be the tie breaker. Also, I think we are gonna check out Mt. Rushmor in the morning, then press on into Wyoming and perhaps Yellowstone.

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Anonymous said...

Be careful in Rapid City. It's a weird town, but if you haven't left alread try the FireHouse brew pub, great atmosphere, decent beer.

Glad your wheels are rolling smooth.