Monday, December 08, 2008


No you da ho.

We're in Moscow, Idaho this morning. Getting ready to make the final push to Portland. Jen was accepted to grad school here at the U of I years ago, but we chose to move to Kalamazoo instead. So here we are years later checking it out. The whole town is covered in fog still this morning, but we're gonna head downtown to get some bean juice and see the campus.
Hell of a drive yesterday, most of the way across Montana, then over Lolo Pass and into Idaho on US 12. Yeah, that was a heck of an idea. On the way up and over Lolo, it started raining, then snowing...Lets just say that ridge of mountains was holding back some crazy weather! Jen drove through all the worst of it, and she was bomber.
The drive was beautiful but quite a bit slower than going 75 on the Interstate. We headed down the otherside into the Bitterroot Wilderness area, along the Lochsa River, then into Sweetwater Canyon, to Lewiston, then north to Moscow. The drive so far has been really great. We've seen some amazing things, listened to some books on tape, and generally unwound a bit.

Seen yesterday on Interstate 90 between Bozeman and Butte, a retired couple in a GMC conversion "Get-A-Way" van with vanity plates "NOMOWORK". Classic.

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ronko said...

Drive safe. Lets see some photos!