Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back On One

After mingling with several geared bikes for the last few years due to some knee issues, I've been riding my Gunnar Ruffian again quite a bit lately. That bike sure is fun...and it has me thinking about the Single Speed Worlds that are coming back to the States next year.
About a month ago, I pulled the Gunnar off its hook in the basement, put a 38 tooth chain ring on it, and some skinny tires and raced it at the Sun Prairie cross race. The race was a pain bath for me, but that had more to do with my fitness than the bike. Since then, I put On One Mary bars on it, flat pedals and Nokian tires to use it as a winter commuter. The Gunnar has been with me longer than any other bike I own, I bought the frame back in 2000 while living in Marquette and working at Lakeshore Bike. Back then it was the only mountain bike I had, and I hammered hard on it. Took it California a couple of times, rode the Single Speed Worlds in 2002 at Downieville on it, then at 10,000 feet a week later at Mammoth Mountain. When I interned at Bike, that was what I rode under the 5 Freeway and into The Space almost daily. Big Bear, Telonics, San Juan Trail, Noble Canyon, Flagstaff, all over the Midwest...Raced a couple of Ore to Shores on it, and a Chequamegon Fat Tire Forty on it...of course I wasn't as fast as Jesse, but few are.
Damn, I missed this bike...the simplicity. Like hammering nails with one hit. Spin but don't spin out. Trying to put the steel into the wood with one swing, again and again.
The one speed brings an ache back to my body that feeds my spirit, an I'm glad I still have this bike.

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Dude you're sexy.