Thursday, August 28, 2008

Real PRO

My wife's old pal Josh just rolled through town on business. He and Jen went to lunch and stopped by the office afterward. He asked me to take a look at his mountain bike as it was making some strange noises. Upon pulling it out of his van, it was immediately obvious to me, someone had put a ball bearing in his frame.
"Have you recently had work done on it?" I asked.
"Yes, a tune up." He replied.

Turns out, he had work done at BGI in Indy. For those not in the know, a bearing in the frame is the oldest gag in the book, something you do to your buddies, or enemies. Not to decent paying customer. Having worked at shops for a decade, wrenches are the guys (or gals) I'd go to bat for every time. But not this time. In closing:

Hey guys at BGI, A bearing in the top tube? That is not PRO.

You guys are fucking hacks.

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P-lip said...

I spent a weekend at BGI when I worked for Trek, they're wrenches were a bunch of pompus punk ass kids, "hipsters" if you will, who'd be more likely to use a hammer than a grease gun. You're assessment of them is absolutely correct.