Monday, August 18, 2008

De-lux Weekend

I think most of my friends would agree the last few weekends have been the type of summer afternoons of epic proportions. On Saturday I finally got around to getting our Schwinn Twin De-Lux tandem on the road with some help from my pit crew (wife). After a couple of false starts and a return to the garage, we got it running and took it for a ride. It was a blast!
We've known a few couples who have had mixed results on the tandem. Maybe it was our mindset on Saturday, but we had a blast.
Saturday night was a going away party for an old friend, and then another going away party for our friends Erik and Kathryn who'll be moving to Portland, OR later this week. Bocce Ball was played, burgers were grilled, footballs were tossed, and Tecate's were swilled. Top that with a good group of folks and no mosquitos to speak of, and I'd say the weekend was one for the books. Yeah, it's Monday right now, but I can already see another weekend on the horizon...with a Wednesday Night Ride right in the middle...

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