Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Planetenradträger?

I'm a tinkerer. It's what I do. It was inherited from my old man. I find I can zone out, get greasy and get stuff done. Late at night is when I do my best work. All I need is some rags, some tools and some decent light.
Recenty, I aquired a Sachs Torpedo Duomatic 2 speed hub. It has a coaster brake, and a little grease port. German made. Found it in a junk pile. The knowledge that it is sitting on my work bench has me on pins and needles. It has a great weight to it. It feels solid, well made. It represents a challenge.

You see dear reader, someday I want to be known as the "Coaster Brake King". A quick paddle out into the Internet void to surf for info led me to a decent blog post about buying and rebuilding such a hub. That post included a link to a german site with even more info. Then another. Fanatical information.

There is a certain purpose to me finding that hub...and that excites me.

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djonnymac said...

sorry dude but my father owns the title of "king of the coaster brake hub" lock stock and barrel. and that would include Sturmey Archer, Bendix, New Departure and Sachs. single speed, two speed kick back, three speed, you name it. once I took apart a three speed planetary gear hub and stared at it for five hours only to have my dad have it back together and working in 20 minutes. good zen those old coaster brake hubs. good winter night projects.