Monday, August 04, 2008

Nine Mile: The Afterbirth

Rider: Dan Powell
Team: Bastard Sons of Diamond Dave
Class: 12 Hour Duo Open

Fastest lap: 1:19:47
Laps completed: 3
Total Elevation Gain: 1740 ft
Total Distance Travelled: 42.6 miles

Lap 1 : 1:21:50
Lap 2 : 1:19:47
Lap 3 : 1:32:42

Not my finest day in the saddle. That last lap included a WWF worthy pile driver into a boulder, followed by me crawling off the course, vomiting in the woods, then limping the rest of the way. The rest of the day I wandered around camp asking where people and things were and never returned to the better half Teddy Bear Hayden didn't fair much better, casing a jump about 3 miles into lap 1. We both completed three laps. Seeing me cruising around in my kit, I kind of look like one of those ultra mile types. Looks can be deceiving.

Several members of our 30 person encampment raced very well.

Nice job to Team Banjo, Wade Garrett: Still the Best, and Team Dead Baby II: The Afterbirthfor their second place finishes in their respective catagories.

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