Thursday, June 19, 2008


I had the very great pleasure to see the Black Diamond Heavies last night at Revolution Cycles in Madison. Great show. If you are in Minnieapolis this Friday, try to catch their show at the 7th Street Entry.
What kind of music do they play? Hmmm, dirrrrrrrrrrty rhythm and blues. Two guys, two organs and a drum kit. Low down, grinding blues, man.
Thank guys for stopping by Rev! Also, thanks to the guys at Furthtermore beer for keeping the libations flowing during the set!
Didn't get home to after 3, was up around 6, feeding the weeds out back by 9 am. Its been a brutal, lash yourself to the mast and forge ahead type of day for me, thank god it is almost bed time. And by bed time I mean 6....

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I do some of my best internetting whilst your email inbox might attest to on most Fridays