Thursday, June 05, 2008

So Sweet!

I was kind of bumming about the Smoltz news yesterday. Sometimes I guess I take my sports interests a bit too seriously. But by the time I went to bed, I was on the opposite end of the mood spectrum as the Detroit Red Wings bested the Pittsburgh Penguins in game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals to win the series, and be crowned champions of the NHL. As great as the game was, by far the best part was enjoying the moment when Wings captain Nicklas Lidstrom skated back to the team with the Cup, and handed it first to Dallas Drake.
"After the 3-2 victory in Game 6, Lidstrom took the Cup from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, the first European captain ever to do so. He held it high, then passed it along to third-line veteran Dallas Drake.
“I started thinking about it in the first round, if we should go all the way, who should get the Cup first. I didn’t tell anyone though,” Lidstrom said. “Dallas has been in the league 16 years, a good long career, and has never been in the final before. All the effort and hours — everything he’s put into the game and not had a chance to hoist the Cup yet." From the AP.
Most folks have never heard of Drake, an aging veteran who probably would have retired by now if he listened to the H8rs. But for the former Northern Michigan University standout, all of the bumps along the way were certainly worth it to enjoy the ride to the cup. Gotta love it!
Headed back to Michigan this weekend to enjoy some Bells Oberon from the source, see some family and freinds and hopefully (fingers crossed) ride Fort Custer. Sounds like the weather is gonna get real hot the next few days...head over to Escape tomorrow night for the Art Pedaler show

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yooperjb said...

dude dont even say fort custer, oh that hurts. and oberon, oh that's really salt in the wound.