Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Get Some!

Cog Magazine issue #3 is out and it is a good one! You can order from the site, or find a list of places that have it. Peter and the boys are doing a pretty stellar job, and work is already progressing on #4.
Not sure if any of you caught game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals last night/this morning between the Pens and Wings. WOW. I've seen many, many hockey games in my life, and that was the all time best. Every shift was full tilt, Pens playing for their lives, Wings trying to finish them off. Series shifts back to Pittsburgh, where it will most likely be even more hotly contested.
I've got a wager with my buddy Jeff on the series, and I gotta tell you, I've got a real thirst for Iron City my man.


fomenter said...

hope you have your $ on d-town.

thirtytwo16 said...

And I'm hoping for some deliciously cold Colt 45