Tuesday, May 13, 2008

industrial waste is the new aesthetic

Gas is $3.80 a gallon in Madison. And this morning, I saw people lined up to buy it.
In other news, a condo made of shipping containers is being proposed in Detroit. If you click to the Free Press story, this little tid bit gets dropped on you:
"They estimate there are 700,000 empty shipping containers piling up near U.S. ports around the country, including at a yard near Fort and I-75 in Detroit. The containers tend to be cheaper to build new than to return to their country of origin, so once delivered here and emptied, they pile up by the thousands."

I'll take two please.

Also, like just about any news story out there, it is fun to read the "insightful" (read H8) on the comments. Everyone thinks they are so fucking smart.

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yooperjb said...

$4.11 in arcata. Luckily I don't drive much, jeez. As far as the containers go, I'll also take two.