Monday, May 05, 2008

Different Kind Of Hero

Hollywood seems pretty interested in making live action, feature films based on comic book charaters. My favorite comic growing up was the DC Comic, Vigilante. Vigilante didn't have super powers, and perhaps that is why I found him so compelling; he was realistic. Based on the story of a big city judge who takes the law, very literally, into his own hands after the mob murders his family, the protagonist is a tortured soul.
The series lasted only 50 issues before he puts his pistol to his head and ends his own life. You probably won't see this one on the big screen, but damn, it would be so much better than repackaging Superman or Batman every few years. And honestly, who gives a shit about Ironman?

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Anonymous said...

I actually went and saw Ironman this weekend, it was a pretty good movie, a little long, but still a good movie.